"According to doctors at the Regional Dermatology Clinic in Manila: "Nail fungus leads to infection in the blood and to necrosis. There is a solution, but it is not for everyone."

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Dr. Asuncion: "I guarantee that every person infected with nail fungus will be able to order antifungals at 50% discount and stop poisoning his or her blood."

Dr. Asuncion is a doctor at the Manila Regional Dermatology Clinic and we are reproducing some excerpts from her press conference: The nail fungus enters the blood and internal organs, which become septic and the body begins to perish from the inside. Philippines has the highest mortality rate in the world due to nail fungus. Every infected person dies within 10 to 14 years.

Dr. Asuncion is a specialist at the Regional Dermatology Clinic in Manila and gave us an exclusive interview.

Why is nail fungus so deadly and how can you avoid death when your nails turn yellow and you get fungus?

Why do you call nail fungus a dangerous disease?

Are you aware how many people died of mycosis in 2020? Last year, 55,000 people died in the National Capital Region itself. Of these 31,000 people died of nail fungus, which is more than half of the total number. Not only does the fungus of the nails affect the toe, it also gets absorbed into the bloodstream through your feet and spreads throughout the body. In a way it weakens the body from the inside and puts a lot of stress on all your organs. Its spores settle in the internal organs and start growing, causing damage to the body. This causes mycosis in the internal organs. This means that the infected person starts to 'rot' from the inside. In such a situation, the person may have heart failure at any time, the brain's veins may rupture at any time, the liver may develop cancer and the kidneys may stop functioning. Anyone who has nail fungus is at greater

That is why I consider nail fungus to be a very dangerous disease, which is one of the biggest causes of death across the country. We keep hearing about cancer and tumours, but you must note that cancer affects only three to four per cent of the population while nail fungus affects every second person between 40 and 45 years old.

So why can't doctors cure this disease? After all, your job is to save people's lives.

First of all, let me tell you that most of the people suffering from fungus of the foot nails do not visit the doctor, because they do not understand the risk of this disease. And even if he or she goes to the doctor, it is usually too late. Usually, they are prescribed some medicines, which are of little use and, after this, they never go to the doctor again and so the disease keeps on progressing. Fungal infections require frequent visits. Besides, there are very few people who understand the consequences of fungal infections and know what serious damage it can cause to internal organs. I can tell you hundreds of such cases, but I will speak only about those cases, which manifest the risk of fungal infection in the nails.

The most common form of fungus is a toe fungus:

Fungal infection has led to tissue necrosis that will cause the leg to be amputated:

Fungus feeding on human soft tissue:

Fungus has eaten the lungs from the inside:

the fungus has invaded the body and caused damage to the lungs

You can get some relief from external symptoms of fungus, but this does not eliminate the risk of fatal outcomes. You can die at any time.

Besides, there is also a shortage of staff in the skin clinics at this time. The entire region has only a few mycology experts and we have a 37% shortage of dermatologists. More than half of the staff currently available do not have the appropriate qualifications. I doubt that these people can identify and treat such a complex fungal infection. Most of the time people would be better off staying at home rather than getting treatment from a government doctor. Due to a shortage of staff, we have to recruit unqualified staff. All of them have a medical degree, some of them are with honours, but these doctors do not have enough experience and they can cause great harm to your health. Experienced doctors either retire or pass away, because they get overwhelmed with such a high patient load and the stress on them increases manifold. These new doctors come to take their place and have no idea about treating their patients. I wish my staff were more experienced and qualified, but there is nothing I can do.

Is the lack of experienced doctors in our region the reason for such a high mortality rate from fungal infections?

This is one of the reasons, but there are others as well. An effective treatment for this is not available. Pharmacists sell many types of medicines and, if you want, will also sell you some medicines without a prescription, but these do not help. Old-fashioned medicines are useless and new products are also advertised more, but do not provide much relief. Drugs prescribed by doctors are also nothing special. They only provide a little relief, but harm your liver and stomach and cause great harm to your body. These drugs merely suppress external symptoms, but fungal infection of the body does not go away and keeps eating it from the inside.

Due to these reasons, nail fungus causes blood poisoning and infection in internal organs leading to death. You can also get treatment in a private hospital, but they also have similar doctors with little experience who do not know much about diseases and their treatment. The main purpose of these hospitals is to rob the patient of their money as much as possible. They are not interested in the right treatment for you.

So what should people do who have nail fungus? Can they do nothing more than simply wait for their imminent death? As an experienced doctor, you must be able to solve this problem.

Look, it is not that I am sitting idle and doing nothing. But there is nothing I can do about the staffing problem. It is the job of medical colleges and universities to pass good doctors, what can I do about this? I cannot train doctors myself. If we think that all this will change overnight, it is not going to happen. There are similar problems in other states of Philippines and people are suffering everywhere.

But when it seems that all hope is lost, there is always a glimmer of hope. Recently some revolutionary achievements have been developed to save people's lives. The project is likely to be launched at the beginning of 2022, but people can get this treatment here immediately before other states will be able to.

Why do you think this medicine will change the situation?

It removes the external symptoms in the foot and cleanses the body from the inside, completely curing the fungus in the foot's nails. The risk of death plummets to almost zero within the first few days of starting application. By simply starting this treatment, the patient is excluded from the risk group. This treatment clears the fungal cells accumulated in the blood and internal organs. The damage, which has been killing the patient from the inside, stops immediately.

In my opinion, this medicine can save thousands of lives.

What is the brand name of this medicine and why is it so effective?

This is the most effective treatment for fungal diseases today. I am talking about SUAI, a new-generation product developed in independent research laboratories. This medicine has been prepared by a team of the very best doctors in Philippines. It is 10 times more effective than common medicines and cosmetic treatments. It does not have any side effects, does not cause addiction and helps the body to develop immunity against fungal bacteria, eliminating the risk of re-infection.

The secret of it being so effective lies in the structure of our body. It is so difficult to get rid of nail fungus, because it remains in the tissues within the body. The fungus usually returns after discontinuing the medicines being taken for its treatment. Another problem is that our body's immune system cannot fight it on its own. At best, the body can only slow down the rate of growth of fungal infections. When immunity is weak, the fungus spreads very rapidly, leading to death.

With SUAI, the body is able to produce the special antibodies that destroy fungi everywhere in the body. With this, fungus is completely removed from the body. Besides, the antibodies continue to develop even after discontinuing the treatment. This drug increases the body's response against fungal infection 10 times. After this you are not likely to get an infection again. A single course of treatment with SUAI allows the body to completely get rid of fungal infections from your body.

Why is SUAI more effective than other antifungals sold in pharmacies?

You must understand that infections of fungus are living bacteria and they adapt to their environment like any other living creature. Most antifungal medicines were developed 20 to 30 years ago and fungal infections have become resistant to most antifungal medicines over the years. SUAI formula is brand new – it has been created after studying the causes of more than 6,000 types of fungus. Due to its unique and new formula, this medicine cleanses the fungus not only from the outside on the nails and skin, but also from inside the body.

Its effectiveness is proven in our research facility. It has undergone clinical trials in which several security personnel participated, who were taking other popular antifungal treatments. Its results have confirmed the powerful effect of SUAI.

Infection in the body does not progress and the patient is completely cured. No trace of infection remains after the treatment. This is the reason why the patient recovers and returns to a healthy life. This also enables the body to develop immunity against fungal infections, meaning that you won't have them again.

This formula has very positive effects on the body:

1. It destroys fungal infections.

2. Itching, scabbing and burning on the skin of the feet stop after applying it for the first time.

3. It rapidly heals nails and foot sores and cracks.

4. It eliminates bad odour and normalises the activity of sweat glands.

5. It does not allow disease-causing bacteria to breed and stops their growth.

6. It normalises immunity and helps in curing chronic fungal diseases.

7. It clears fungus waste products from the blood and lymph.

8. This helps the body to develop immunity against all known types of fungal bacteria.

9. There is no re-infection due to its convenient packaging.

10. When the course of treatment is completed according to the instructions, all symptoms of fungal disease disappear.

Are there any contraindications? Why is it being sold at such a high discount?

There are no contraindications. This formula is hypoallergenic. It can also be used if you are allergic to other medicines. It is also completely safe for the liver, which is most affected when taking oral medicines.

How can people get SUAI? Do you need to show proof of identity or need a doctor's prescription?

SUAI will be shipped directly from our warehouse and delivered by courier. If we sell it from local shops, it will not be the correct way of doing it. We do not want people to queue up for this. Patients suffering from fungus undergo so much agony every day and it would not be right to make them queue up for hours. These days, most people are suffering and it is better if everybody is spared this trouble. Ordering medicines online is very easy.


Stock is limited! Offer end date At the request of Dr. Asuncion, we are providing the order form for SUAI :

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